Linda's Tax Service   6314 NE 137th Ave  Vancouver,WA98682   (360) 882-3978
Linda's Tax Service
6314 NE 137th Ave
VancouverWA 98682
 (360) 882-3978

Reviews Of Linda's Tax Service

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Tara Hughes
Aug 03, 2018

They really treat you like family here. I definitely feel like apart of the family. I've been going here for almost a decade now. Shelly is tax genius. I had an issue with the IRS trying to audit me for a CD account a couple years back. They said I owed over $2000! A little over my head and in need of help, I immediately brought it to Shelly and she pulled tax laws out of the top of her head and proved to the IRS that they were wrong with a tax loophole that they overlooked. She ended up writing the letter herself and sending it in for me on the spot over a cup of coffee, and saving me thousands of dollars! They are especially helpful if you have a small business. She Has been helping my father's business grow significantly, Allowing him to focus on the business rather than the bookkeeping.

Annli Browning
Apr 17, 2018

Cathy Jasper Talkington
Mar 19, 2018

Mar 12, 2018

Very professional ,pleasant and expedient

Mar 05, 2018

Excelente servicio, muy amables, rápidos y económicos

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